Welcome to the Art of Carl Lewis Druckman

"Carl Lewis Druckman is one of the most distinctive and original designers in the USA. The salient characteristics of Druckman's work are his adventurous use of a wide and eclectic range of coloured stones and the idiosyncratic settings he devises for them." - Jewellery International

"Druckman spent the first part of his youth in the desert country of the American Southwest, where he was an avid collector of Navajo Indian artifacts. It is from this period that he still retains his fascination for natural colours; but it was also during this period that he made his first contact with jewellery and ornamental art." - ECLAT S.A.

"While the process of designing is very spontaneous for me, I have a serious respect for the history of Art and especially the history of jewelry design. It has been an ongoing subject of study for me since I was very young. I consider my designs a form of Fine Art. The look that I want is achieved by detailed conversations with the artisan-craftsmen with whom I work to produce the finished pieces." - Carl Lewis Druckman